Green light for FLAG ‘blue light’ remarketing procedures

Blue Light’ sales at The Fleet Auction Group (FLAG) recently received commendation from NHS Security Management Service personnel from the Ambulance Sector Counter Terrorism & Security division.

Strict guidelines, embodied in Fleet Operations Procedures 44 (FOP 44), are in place for the disposal of all front line ambulances, PTS vehicles and any support vehicles and, when Nicholas Chang, Senior Policy Officer with the NHS Security Management Service visited FLAG, he commented,  "As an organisation we take the threat of a blue light ex-NHS vehicle falling into the wrong hands very seriously. When we reviewed how NHS trusts dispose of their ambulances, the Fleet Auction Group was keen to engage with this work.”

“Having worked with the company on formulating guidelines and standards,” he continued, “we have been impressed with their dedication to security in this area, their proactive campaigns such as ‘Blue Lights lift Barriers’ and their policy of corporate social responsibility. We are pleased to see these examples of good practice by the Fleet Auction Group and look forward to continued future engagement with them."

Chris Jager, Sales and Business Development Manger at FLAG said, “As a remarketing company for ex-blue light fleet vehicles, we have a responsibility to ensure full accountability, transparency and on-going traceability for the vehicles that pass through our hands. We adhere strictly to the detailed FOP 44 guidelines in all remarketing for this sector.”