NHS Security guidelines highlight FLAG blue-light remarketing strengths

The latest version of the Guidelines from the NHS’s Ambulance Sector Counter Terrorism Security cites The Fleet Auction Group (FLAG) as having a ‘robust policy’ when it comes to ambulance decommissioning and auction remarketing.

The document, which details the security considerations for ambulance decommissioning and disposal says:

“The Fleet Auction Group Ltd. (FLAG) has developed a proactive policy marketed as ‘corporate responsibility’ and the senior staff we spoke to appeared enthusiastic and receptive to the security reasoning behind the removal of logos/decals and identifying buyers. As a trade-only auction company it is the only company that can positively identify the buyer and establish the general purpose for buying. Its policies as regards the disposal of blue lights are robust – these are destroyed rather than resold. FLAG actively encourages trusts to either prepare their ambulances appropriately prior to delivery or pay a charge to have the work done on-site prior to auction.”

“We work very closely with the Ambulance Service to ensure best practice when it comes to remarketing of ex-ambulance fleet vehicles,” comments FLAG Sales Manger Chris Jager. “Our trade-only stance means that not only are we the only auction company in a position to positively identify buyers, it also ensures we can provide onward traceability, something vitally important in any ‘blue-light’ remarketing procedure.”

At the 2010 National Association of Police Fleet Managers event, the FLAG exhibition stand highlighted the risk of Trojan vehicles, using an ambulance as the carrier for a simulated ‘vehicle-borne improvised explosive device’ (VBIED).