FLAG Co-Chairman in new IMI role

FLAG's co-chairman, Martin Betts has been appointed the first Chairman of a new Representative Member Assembly (RMA) at the Institute for the Motor Industry (IMI).

"The RMA, as part of the IMI's revised governance structure, will be a channel for members to contribute to the strategic direction of the IMI," Betts commented. "Chairing this Assembly will be a great privilege as the RMA will play a significant role in shaping all aspects of the future of the IMI."

According to the Institute, the RMA, which will be made up of at least 15 members, aims to, "provide the primary medium for delivering member interaction, influence and direction in the governance of the IMI."

The new Assembly has been created following a review of the IMI's governance structure, which was undertaken prior to the merger with Automotive Skills. The IMI's qualifications awarding and quality assurance activity has been separated into a new and wholly owned subsidiary of the IMI group of companies, IMI Awards Ltd.