FLAG and Nissan Finance launch innovative remarketing partnership

Under an innovative partnering agreement, The Fleet Auction Group Ltd (FLAG) is to manage a vehicle de-fleeting centre and remarketing website for Nissan Finance.

"All end-of-finance vehicles from Nissan Finance will be delivered to FLAG’s central midlands de-fleeting centre and, having completed pre-sale preparation, will be uploaded onto a closed, Nissan dealer-only website, explained FLAG Sales Director Guy Pearce.

The website showcases Nissan stock across the entire model range. Pre-registered dealers and distributors have access to around 150 new vehicles per month which they can view, 'Buy Now' or place on temporary 'Hold' whilst, for instance, reviewing the downloadable vehicle appraisal form.

Once a week, an automatic 'New Stock Added' email reminder is sent to all registered dealers, who can choose to see all vehicles for sale or grouped by model.

'Buy Now' immediately marks the vehicle as sold and presents the purchaser with a personalised drop-down menu of predefined Nissan UK dealership delivery addresses. The system also generates a Pro-forma invoice to enable the dealers to take the vehicle onto stock immediately. The vehicle is then placed on a logistics schedule at FLAG and delivered to the dealer within 48 hours.

Putting a particular vehicle on 'Hold' removes the 'Buy Now' option for up to four hours, to allow the prospective buyer to make further enquiries before confirming the purchase, or to release the vehicle to the market again. After four hours on hold the vehicle is automatically released by the system.

If a vehicle remains unsold for 7 days the system automatically removes it from the site and its details placed in a 'Sent to Auction' category. The Nissan Finance disposals team can also initiate this action at any time. Once sent to auction, the vehicle is listed for FLAG's twice-weekly physical open-dealership auctions.

The sophisticated database and administration system that forms an integral part of the website, provides a comprehensive tailorable reporting facility including historical listings of all sales by dealer or across a time-range selection.

"This new powerful new remarketing facility is testament to Nissan Finance’s commitment to providing dealers with exclusive access to top quality, late registered stock," commented Sarah Clark, Manager – Disposals, RCI Financial Services Ltd. Pearce commented, "This pioneering agreement demonstrates the innovative approach that FLAG adopts to vehicle remarketing, working with vendors to deliver quality stock to dealers in professional, trade-only environments."